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Clinic Design

Our clinic design follows the lead of Gordon Moore and the work of other Ideal Medical Practices that focus on minimizing the overhead expenses of a medical office and using the latest in computer technology to decrease medical costs and provide more personalized health care.

At Ideal Family Healthcare, we have minimized our overhead by having the doctor do many tasks that might be considered unusual in more traditional offices. Because of this, the doctor may be your point of contact for scheduling appointments, building your medical record, taking vital signs, documenting your visit, administering all treatments like immunizations and sometimes even receiving payment for the visit. This may be different from what you are used to but we think you will like it.

In 2009, our practice was recongnized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home. This means that we take the responsibility of coordinating your healthcare seriously. As you move thuough the healthcare system we will help keep track of your care and ensure that you are being treated properly. We appreciate your help in this regard and ask that if you receive healthcare services outside of our practice, you inform the other facility or provider that we are your medical home and that you would like your clinical results shared with us.

Electronic Office

Recent advances in electronic (computerized) health records (EHRs) assist us in tackling the above responsibilities. EHRs facilitate low cost and quick access to patient charts along with easy submission of prescriptions directly to pharmacies electronically. It also allows us to provide you with a summary of your health history that you can take with you when you travel. We can even fax a summary to you or a doctor if you should become ill while away from home.  Such a summary can easily be provided at your request.
Given the time and expense required to submit and track insurance claims and collections, we have limited the number of insurance companies with whom we contract. This gives us a simpler and more efficient office. We pass on the savings to you. For a listing of the insurance plans we do participate with, click here.

Fee Schedule

We have designed our office to be what we feel is a win-win situation for all of us. By minimizing our overhead, we are able to work at a more tempered pace and you are able to spend more time with your doctor. We currently offer a 30% discount for payment in full at the time of service regardless of your insurance. If you have an insurance deductible that you rarely exceed, a health savings account (HSA), or you have no insurance at all, you could very well pay less out of pocket to see us when you take advantage of this discount.
We expect full payment at the time of service from individuals with non-contracted insurances and are happy to provide you with documentation that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. If you are part of a PPO, there may be a higher deductible to see us as an out-of-network provider. This is only relevant if you exceed your deductible for the year, but you should check with your insurance company regarding details.


As physicians board certified in Family Medicine we are trained to manage about 85% of medical problems. We frequently perform the initial evaluation of much of the remaining 15% prior to referral. We do not practice any obstetrics, though we have trained in it. We do enjoy caring for children of all ages. If you should require hospital based care, we have a working relationship with the Colorado Springs Health Partners (CSHP) hospitalist group that services all of the facilities in Colorado Springs. We have not sought privilidges at Pikes Peak Regional Hospital.


Generally, Kerry or Kirstin will answer the phone. If you'd like to speak with either of us (Greg or Heather), please let her know and she'll get us if we are available or she'll get a message to us as soon as possible.
If we are not in the office, you may leave a message by voicemail or call the cell phone number on the recorded message to reach us directly for urgent matters.
If we are out of reach or unable to answer the call, please leave a message but do not hesitate to go to urgent care or call 911 if the situation is life threatening. Occasionally when we are with a patient, we will be unable to answer the phone, so please leave a message and we will call you back.

When should I call?

We would like you to call anytime for urgent matters. For non-urgent matters, we would greatly appreciate waiting until regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM with lunch from 12:00 -1:00 PM.

How do I make an appointment?

Just call us at 686-8844. We see patients by appointment only. In order to remain available to our established patients when they need us, we are often unable to see new patients on an urgent basis. Please take this into consideration if you feel that you may need to get in urgently in the future. We request that if you would like to make Ideal Family Healthcare your medical home, please schedule an establishing visit where we can get to know each other. You may be placed on a list awaiting an opening in our schedule for an establishing visit.
For our established patients, we are usually happy and able to schedule a visit within 24 hours during the work week. We can make appointments for routine matters and physical exams on a same day basis as well. This allows us to keep our schedule flexible and accommodate you when you need to be seen.

How long will I wait?

With our open-access schedule, roughly half of all of our appointments occur within two days of patients contacting us and often, the same day. We do not double book appointments so we are usually ready to begin your appointment right at the scheduled time. If you cannot make your appointment time please give 24 hours notice and we will be happy to reschedule you. If we do no receive this notice, a $50.00 cancellation fee may apply.